It’s 2019. The past few years have been busy 😴. Since leaving university, I have worked professionally as a software developer. This is very vague job title to a lot of people, least of all other software developers.

This vague description is quite accurate though. The work I have done professionally has been all over the place. Some projects have led me to build entire backend servers to power mobile apps, and others (the majority) have led me to making the apps that connect to these servers.

My first experience in the role of professional Software Developer was my 2 years spent at Resort Marketing, a tourism focused local company. It is an amazing business that provides tourist magazines, award winning websites and dozens of mobile apps. I got to work on both server side projects and app side projects, building most from scratch. My primary work from day to day was developing Android apps, and maintaining iOS apps. Resort make quality products and it was a great experience to help make thousands of people’s experiences with the apps and websites even better.

Then I moved to where I currently work, Admit One. We power entire theatre systems, from the booking engine, to the mobile apps, to the POS software, to ATM machines and so on. Our product is used all over the world. As a ‘Core Software Developer,’ I write the software for every part of our product that I just mentioned. This wide range of experiences is a lot of fun and my work is reaching even more people than ever before.

I have been busy in my private life too, and not just the night life. I have made dozens of apps in my own time, many of which are helping generate income.

I intent to write a more thorough explanation of all my hobby projects however, and when they are done I will embed them here. Stay tuned for that 😊

And as for the future; I want to work on bigger and bigger projects, and line my pockets 💰 (lol)

Thanks for reading!

Tom Taylor

int main()  
    cout << "Hello, World!";  
    return 0;