I’ve spent the past week or so working on a new project, Soundboy. Soundboy is a new service that can control the volume of a device, from another device.

Twitch streamers often play video games at fullscreen with no access to change the volume, unless they have a dedicated sound mixer or a keyboard shortcut.

People hosting parties can sometimes be away from their keyboard but still want to be in control of how loud the sound is at any given time.

With Soundboy, anyone can just open up the app on their phone and control the audio on their other devices from their fingertips. Twitch streamers only need keep their phones open next to them, party goers can have the app open in seconds.

Soundboy beta

I’m really happy with how this project is progressing. So far the system is in a public testing phase. It currently only supports Windows as a server device, and Android as a client device, though multiplatform is the future of this project.

Once the project is released properly in a full state, I will look at open sourcing the code to create a Soundboy server. This will give people freedom to control almost any device you can imagine that is connected to the internet. The possibilities will be endless.

You can find more information and join the testing by following the information here.

Thanks for taking a look at my new project. Please give feedback if you have the time 😄.

Tom Taylor

public Soundboy()