The Kinda Funny Soundboard app is one of the first app projects that I worked on. I used to watch the content of YouTubers ‘Kinda Funny’ and engaged with their only community through discord chats and the like.

I was just starting my new job as a Junior Android developer and eager to learn as much as I could, as quickly as I could, so I was looking for ideas.

I knew Soundboard apps were a thing, and I knew that the amount of work wouldn’t be overly complex, so over the next month I built the app. We quickly got over 1000 downloads and it sits with an overwhelming 5 star rating on the Google Play store. I’m really happy so many people enjoy using it.

A few years later

Life is now much more busy for me and I am unable to attend to old projects any longer. This is disappointing, but unfortunately necessary.

A member of Kinda Funny has left, and more have joined the team. The app doesn’t reflect this at all. It would be easy just to let this old app die but I’d rather hand it over to people who have the time to maintain it going forward.

So this is the goal right now. Find people to take over the project.

How to help right now

You don’t need any experience with apps to contribute to the app as it is right now. There is a Github repo that you can get and play around with that allows you to add more audio clips, KF members and images to the app.

Any changes made on Github can be merged with the app, and you’ll see your changes reflected in the store.

This is a major step towards opening sourcing the entire project!

The long term goal, TL;DR

  • Get contributions from the community.

  • Get the app in a state where it too can be released to the community to build on.

  • Hand the project over to someone else, who can take over for good.

Thanks for reading, and if you can contribute, please visit the github repo and help out!

Tom Taylor

void PlayKFAudioClip(Clip clip) {